Antony King Interview Part 1 - Front of House Engineer for Depeche Mode

Antony King is the fingers behind the faders behind Depeche Modes's epic Global Spirit Stadium Tour that spans 2017 and 2018. In Part 1 of this interview he talks about his own background and how he prepares for a tour like this, as well as offering some insight into the technical and creative aspects of a Depeche Mode gig, and how you get that kind of gig in the first place.

Antony King Interview Part 2 - Front of House Engineer for Depeche Mode

In Part 2 of this interview, Depeche Mode's Front of House Engineer Antony King talks about his choice of SSL Live L500 consoles, how he sets up and uses those consoles, and offers some real world advice on live drum production, reaching the back of the stadium, as well as spilling the beans on Dave Gahan's vocals.

The Church At Brook Hills

A video interview with Director of Technology, Matt Glover, and Production Manager Landon Robertson - church mixing, loudness, and technology choices. The Church at Brook Hills (Alabama) uses SSL L300s at FOH and monitors.

Brian Montgomery, Monitors - Santana on SSL Live L500

Brian Montgomery (Monitors, Santana) shares his experiences in transitioning to and touring worldwide with the SSL LIve L500 console.

Kenny Kaiser, Front of House Engineer, The Killers

During sound check at the Mohegan Sun Arena, Front of House Engineer Kenny Kaiser takes time out to share wisdom from his years or experience in live sound engineering, and from life on the road with US rock phenomenon, The Killers.

Michael Montanari: SSL Live at Christ Community Church, Illinois

Christ Community Church (Illinois) Technical Director Michael Montanari has specified SSL L500 consoles for both Front of House and Monitor positions at its St Charles campus. In this video he talks about audio production at the church and his experiences with SSL Live.

Chris Stephens: FOH for Jason Aldean with SSL L500

Chris Stephens, FOH Engineer for Jason Aldean talks to SSL about the L500 live console.

Underworld on Tour with SSL Live

Rick Smith and Karl Hyde talk about using the SSL L500 console live on stage.

Andrew Stone, Church On The Move

How do you get a church to rock? Respected Production Manager and Front of House Engineer Andrew Stone talks about how Tulsa's Church On The Move has carved character into its message, and why he switched from all-analogue to SSL Live.

Chris Pollard: FOH Engineer for Mumford & Sons

Front of House Engineer Chris Pollard has been touring with Mumford & Sons since their first album and is currently in the midst of the Band’s epic 'An Arrow Through The Heartland' tour. Pollard's console of choice for the tour is the SSL L500 live console...

Mark Dowdle on SSL Live L500

Mark Dowdle, FOH Engineer for Gloria Estefan, Steely Dan and many more talks to SSL about his experiences using the L500.

Chris Rabold: FOH for Kenny Chesney with SSL Live SSLvideos

Engineer Chris Rabold talks to SSL about his experiences using the SSL L500 live production console at FOH for Kenny Chesney.

Synchron Stage Vienna Pt 2

Herb Tucmandl, CEO and Founder of Vienna Symphonic Library and Synchron Stage Vienna reveals the story behind the creation of this fantastic new facility.

Synchron Stage Vienna Pt1

Successful sample library and virtual instrument developer Vienna Symphonic Library has opened a new large-scale, high-end scoring stage and studio complex, Synchron Stage Vienna. The complex features two Duality consoles, an L500 live console and a huge Dante network powered by SSL Network I/O.

Bernd Mazagg, Technical Director & Chief Audio Engineer at Synchron Stage Vienna discusses the technical and creative ambition behind the venture.