XLogic Mixpander & Alpha-Link

SSL Workstation I/O Alchemy... Mixpander and Alpha-Link

Together Mixpander and our XLogic Alpha-Link Audio Converter series deliver a cost effective, simple and versatile multi channel I/O solution for PC based Workstation users.

Key Features

  • Scalable multi-channel hardware I/O for all popular PC Digital Audio Workstations
  • System based on Mixpander PCI cards connected to Alpha-Link I/O hardware with software mixer control
  • Each PCI card offers 64 channels of audio I/O accessible by multiple audio applications simultaneously
  • Three different Alpha-Link I/O units with options including Analogue A/D D/A, Digital MADI, AES/EBU & ADAT
  • Ultra Low Latency monitoring with processing in place via host PC powered VST or DSP powered plug-ins
  • Each PCI card features DSP to drive either the bundled ‘Audio Toolbox’ or special release popular plug-ins
  • Use up to 4 Mixpander PCI cards in a single PC or connect two Alpha Link I/O in series
  • Three different Alpha-Link I/O units with options including Analogue A/D D/A, Digital MADI, AES/EBU & ADAT

The Mixpander Card

Mixpander is a new 64 channel PCI audio interface for PCs designed to be used in conjunction with the XLogic Alpha-Link Audio Converter range. The combination of Mixpander and Alpha-Link makes a versatile, scalable system that enables users to configure their ideal combination of audio input and output connections for PC DAW platforms. Mixpander ships with a stand alone software based mixer that works with host PC powered VST or DSP powered plugins. Combined with the Alpha-Link converter range Mixpander offers ultra low latency audio monitoring with plug-in processing in place. Mixpander & Alpha-Link work with all standard PC audio applications and DAW platforms like Cubase, Nuendo & Sonar and enable use of multiple audio applications simultaneously.

Each Mixpander PCI card gives you 64 channels of I/O and you can use up to four Mixpander cards in a single PC. Each Alpha-Link rack I/O unit offers 24 channels of analogue A/D input & D/A output and up to 64 channels of digital I/O and you can connect up to two Alpha Link I/O to a single Mixpander. The 64 Mixpander channels are freely assignable to any available I/O connections, giving for example; 48 analogue I/O from a single PCI card.

Each Mixpander PCI card is loaded with DSP to drive processing plug-ins without placing any load on your host PCs CPU. Mixpander comes with the 'Audio Toolbox' plug-in pack (with 4 Band Parametric EQ, Filter, Dynamics, Chorus/Flange, MS Decoder & Dither) and can be used with special release versions of a wide range of popular plug-ins from; Acuma Labs, Aphex, Arboretum, Cedar, Dolby Laboratories, Drawmer, Solid State Logic, Sonic Timeworks, Algorithmix, Synchro Arts, Spinaudio, TC Electronic, Wave Mechanics.