Award winning Bollywood music producer Eric Pillai chooses matrix
Date 21 August 2013
Caption Eric Pillai with SSL Matrix
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“The Matrix is allowing me to build up the studio the way that I want it. It’s a dream come true.”

MUMBAI, INDIA — Solid State Logic, the world’s leading manufacturer of creative tools for audio professionals, is pleased to announce that IIFA award-winning music producer and mix engineer Eric Pillai has upped his Bollywood film-scoring game by installing a Matrix SuperAnalogue™ mixing console with inbuilt software controlled patch bay and multi-layer DAW control at his Nick Whittaker-designed ‘Future Sound Of Bombay’ studio facility.

Like many modern-day mix engineers working independently, Eric Pillai spent a several years working in the box but as his success grew and an opportunity arose to move into a two-room recording facility of his own in 2011, there was only one way to go in terms of improving his workflow while realising a long-held dream.

“I first started working in the box around 1999/2000, but always found working with a mouse to be very frustrating and boring,” Eric begins, “Then, when I set up the Future Sound Of Bombay studio I finally decided that I needed a console, because I was tired of using a mouse. That was when Shiv Sood of SSL distributor Sound Team told me about the Matrix. I thought it was great, because I could set it up the way that I want it. I’m able to incorporate external EQs and effects. I installed an X-Rack system, together with some other compressors and stuff, and I’ve got a second X-Rack coming soon, so the Matrix is allowing me to build up the studio the way that I want it. I’ve got my analogue section and I’ve got my DAW control, so I’m using both.”

Eric has been using SSL summing as part of his workflow for many years. “I used to work in my bedroom on my computer, but when it came to mixing I used to carry my DAW and I/O to a local SSL studio to get all of the tracks out onto the console and then back again. The board did something, you know? The punch was there.” Matrix has allowed Eric to bring SSL summing into his own studio with added control. “The whole summing thing and headroom thing is working for me, I just go with what I’m hearing, and I can hear that it’s slightly wider, warmer, and a little bit spongy, which is great. Now everything is also on the fader, which allows me to really feel what I’m doing too.”

His sound is part of what brought his clientele came to him in the first place and keeps them coming today at Future Sound Of Bombay: “All the guys who’ve come to me have stayed with me during the last 12 years because of the punch, power, and colour that I’ve given them. Using my SSL setup it still sounds great.”

Indeed it does, when the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) announced the winners of the ‘Technical Awards’ categories for this year’s IIFA Awards, Eric Pillai (Future Sound Of Bombay) bagged the award for Best Song Recording for Ala Barfi and for Eric “It’s a dream come true”.

Amazingly, the dream dates back to boyhood when an 11-year-old Eric was mesmerised by the SSL 4000 Series console featured throughout the promo video for The Police’s ‘Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic’. Understandably, Eric professes to not knowing what a console was at the time, yet that magical moment of childhood wonder drove him towards later leaving Bombay to study sound engineering in London before returning home in time for the city’s renaming in 1996 to train at Galactica, a truly world-class recording studio within Famous Studios, a huge post-production facility that has been part of the foundations of Indian cinema and television since 1946.

While Galactica and subsequent position at Spectral Harmony in Mumbai prepared Eric for Future Sound Of Bombay success, he has held on tight to that boyhood dream of one day owning a large-format SSL console of his own: “My rooms right now are 12 feet by 10 feet, and I’m on the fourth floor of a building, so I can’t get anything bigger. I’m just waiting for the right property, but once that happens I’ll definitely get a bigger board! That’s my dream.”

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