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Front of House Engineer Kyle Bulmann talks about his experience with the SSL L500 Plus live console during the latest Chance The Rapper tour.

Monitor Engineer Rob Ziemba talks about his experiences with the SSL L500 console during the latest Chance The Rapper tour.

Antony King is the fingers behind the faders behind Depeche Modes's epic Global Spirit Stadium Tour that spans 2017 and 2018. In Part 1 of this interview he...

Live News

On tour with Halsey - Front of House Engineer Simon Thomas and his SSL L200 console.
“I just love this console; there is nothing that sounds as good. I was a massive analogue fan, but I think this is better."

7 Sep

SSL Live consoles lined up and ready for top billing at MadCool 2018.
80,000 Music fans, three days of top acts, lots of SSL Live consoles!

24 Aug

Jim Ebdon at the FOH position with the SSL L200 console, on tour with Sam Smith.
“I love the feel of the album, and I love the sound of it, and I wanted to recreate that. So the SSL was a no-brainer."

22 Aug

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SSL Live コンソールは、L500 Plus、L300 、L200 、L100  の 4 つのモデルが用意されています。 SSL においては、コンパクトであることは、何らかの妥協や機能及び品質の減少を意味しません。もちろん品質にも違いはなくリモート I/O ユニットも共有でき、それぞれのモデルの違いは物理的な大きさと使用できるチャンネル処理数の制限、扱える I/O の数となります。全モデル共に洗練された使いやすいコンソールで SSL のサウンドを余すところなく提供します。