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Front of House Engineer Kyle Bulmann talks about his experience with the SSL L500 Plus live console during the latest Chance The Rapper tour.

Monitor Engineer Rob Ziemba talks about his experiences with the SSL L500 console during the latest Chance The Rapper tour.

Antony King is the fingers behind the faders behind Depeche Modes's epic Global Spirit Stadium Tour that spans 2017 and 2018. In Part 1 of this interview he...

Live News

SSL studio and broadcast products will be on show at Prolight + Sound this year.
"Visitors to the SSL stand at Prolight & Sound can expect to experience market leading technology for Studio, Live and Broadcast audio production."
6 Apr
Portugal. The Man Front of House Engineer Charlie Izzo with SSL L300. Photo by Alan Sher.
"…Everything just falls into place... There's tonnes of headroom, and I never have to push it hard at all to get exactly what I want out of it."
14 Mar
Bob Strakele, Front of House Engineer for Avenged Sevenfold, with the SSL L500. Photo by Rafa Alcantara
"It’s everything from analogue tracking and mixing to DAW controller, all in one solution, and each aspect of it is world-class."
23 Feb

Live Products

Large scale live production console

Compact live production console

Large scale live production console

SSL Live コンソールは、L500 Plus、L300 、L200 の 3 つのモデルが用意されています。 SSL においては、コンパクトであることは、何らかの妥協や機能及び品質の減少を意味しません。もちろん品質にも違いはなくリモート I/O ユニットも共有でき、それぞれのモデルの違いは物理的な大きさと使用できるチャンネル処理数の制限、扱える I/O の数となります。全モデル共に洗練された使いやすいコンソールで SSL のサウンドを余すところなく提供します。