Following the recent launch of UF8 Advanced DAW Controller, Grammy and French Academy nominated music producer and mix engineer, Marc Daniel Nelson (Fleetwood Mac, Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat, Solo, Blade Runner, Fractured) demonstrates how the UF8 helps streamline his process and adds emotion to a mix for an upcoming feature film.

The latest short film from SSL features Marc Daniel Nelson mixing a film cue recording of composer Brian Carr’s “Across the Multiverse”, performed by the Salt Lake City Symphony Orchestra (picture right). The track, produced by Warner Chappell’s production team, features a combination of strings, evocative horns swells and rhythmic pulsing. It is sonically detailed and emotionally compelling.

“Keeping the audience engaged and making them feel an emotional connection is super important — that is exactly what automation does,” he says, moving faders on his new UF8 control surface. “I love this thing, it’s super awesome. I can literally travel with it, and I can do everything I need to do.”

With eyes intent and wholly focused on the nuances of the performance, Marc Daniel Nelson’s movements on the UF8 are detailed and intuitive. He uses the 100 mm touch sensitive fader bank to control and automate levels for the string samples, horn and string sections, the soft keys to shuttle throughout markers across the track and the endless rotary encoders to quickly adjust EQ or reverb levels in his SSL Native Plug-ins. With hands atop the UF8, and fully in control, the video captures Nelson delivering a discernible measure of emotion to the final mix.

Solid State Logic extend our deepest thanks to Composer, Brian CarrWarner Chappell Production Music and Salt Lake City Symphony Orchestra for use of the track ‘Across the Multiverse’ and of course Marc Daniel Nelson for offering insight into his craft. 

To learn more about what Marc is up to, visit his personal page at

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