Next generation networked broadcast production

System T offers a full range of hardware control interfaces that be combined in a wide variety of ways to create precisely the right system for each installation or application. Each element of the System T control interface offers a combination of traditional broadcast production workflow and new ways for operators to control their audio environment. SSL’s deep experience with control surface ergonomics has delivered an interface that unites gestural touch screen technology, hardware control and intelligently designed workflow. It accommodates a range of working styles so that mixing engineers from a range of backgrounds can immediately benefit from its advanced capabilities.

Fully networked control options

System T control interfaces allow extremely flexible and adaptable configurations. Multiple compact S300 console and modular S500 large format consoles can be combined within a single system. Additional control interfaces including console bays, control surface elements, Tempest Control Racks and PCs running ‘T-SOLSA’ remote control software are added remotely across the network to suit production requirements. Up to three control interfaces can use a single processor core. Multiple processor cores can be used on a single network.

“The way that the SSL handles the monitoring of Dolby Atmos
is very good….there are so many monitoring sources on that desk.

Antony Shaw – Spiritland Productions 

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