Solid State Logic Announces Fusion Transformer, Completing Family of SSL Fusion Plug-ins

Oxford, England, January 24, 2022 — Solid State Logic announces its latest Fusion-based plug-in release: SSL Fusion Transformer. Available now in multiple formats including VST2, VST3, AAX and AU, the final installment of SSL’s family of Fusion plug-ins is available for the first 30 days with an introductory 25% discount or as part of the ever-expanding SSL Complete Bundle Subscription from $14.99 per/month. (Tc & Cs apply)

Emulating the 600-ohm, 1:1-wound under-damped transformer found in the critically acclaimed Fusion analogue coloration hardware, the new SSL Transformer Plug-in offers a unique combination of high-frequency phase-shift, harmonic distortion and natural low-frequency roll-off. With SSL’s latest plug-in completing the Fusion Plug-in family, users can now create a custom configuration of Fusion processors throughout their mix or master, using as many modules as needed — and in any order in the signal chain. The controls and parameters of the new SSL Fusion Transformer Plug-in go well beyond the original hardware version. For instance, a new ‘SHINE’ control allows augmentation or removal of the high-end sheen and imparts a delicate high-frequency phase shift introduced by the transformer, and a new ‘AMOUNT’ control can be used amplify the harmonic distortion beyond the effects of the original hardware.


Jonathan Sandman, Product Manager – SSL Studio Plug-in comments “Our new Fusion Transformer plug-in is a faithful emulation of Fusion’s switchable Transformer circuit and is the perfect way to round off our family of Fusion plug-ins. In addition to being able to deliver low-end thickening and high-end sheen to any signal, it is able to deliver exactly the right amount of transformer mojo to vocals, electric guitars, or indeed the entire mix.”


Some other notable features of Fusion Transformer include:

  • The ‘Mix’ control allows users to non-destructively dial in the perfect amount of processing
  • Driving the circuit harder introduces a natural low-end roll off that increases with input level
  • The ‘LF Extend’ control switches out the low-frequency roll-off to preserve a weighty low-end
  • ECO mode allows reduced latency and CPU-use, for tracking and recording purposes
  • Exceptional DSP design with reference to the original analogue circuit designs


The SSL Fusion Transformer plug-in also includes built-in help functionality, complete with context-aware guidance and information about the plug-in and its controls. The Fusion Transformer plug-in, which is priced at $199 comes loaded with presets from world-class producers and engineers Romesh Dodangoda, Sean Devine and Wez Clarke.

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