Solid State Logic (SSL) announces its latest plug-in release: DeEss. The new plug-in adds another indispensable production tool to the SSL Complete Bundle, available by subscription from only $14.99 per/m (Ts & Cs apply) via the SSL eStore. DeEss delivers a range of corrective tools for precision sibilance reduction and high-frequency control – routinely used to remove excess sibilance and harsh mid-high frequency build-ups, including the ‘ess’ and ‘shh’ sounds in vocal takes.

In addition to workflow tools including automatic auditioning and a built-in control for rejuvenating de-essed signals that need brightening, DeEss uses a relative threshold algorithm. This allows the user to change the input level of a signal without a destructive effect on the response of the de-esser — no matter how loud or quiet the signal.

SSL DeEss: nimble and flexible

The SSL DeEss plug-in allows for greater precision in the workflow so users can target either the mid or side components of a signal, or toggle in automatic oversampling and lookahead options for a super-high-quality response. The plug-in features carefully designed presets for different vocal types (Tenor, Alto, Soprano) as well as instrument processing, making it easy for users to dial in exactly the right setting for a given application.   

DeEss’s ‘Split’ and ‘Broadband’ processing modes allow a variety of filtering options for frequency specific de-essing, users can ‘Blend’ between them for the prefect balance of processing. The filters can be switched out independently, so users can audition either shelf or bandpass options depending on what is required.

SSL DeEss Features

  • Relative threshold de-esser allows level changes earlier in your FX chain
  • Brighten control enables ‘rejuvenation’ of the high-end after de-essing
  • Split and Broadband processing modes enable flexible filtering options; each filter can be independently auditioned
  • Multi-shade waveform visualiser enables users to see quietest and loudest parts of the signal, and relative threshold.
  • Auto Listen control allows auditioning of the signal while changing related controls
  • Mid/side processing control quickly targets only the mid or side components of the signal

For more information on the new SSL DeEss plug-in, to purchase a full perpetual license at the introductory price of $79 until 5th May 2022 (Usually $119), or to subscribe to the ever growing SSL Complete Bundle which now 19 premium Solid State Logic plug-ins for only $14.99 per/m (Tc & Cs apply), please visit SSL’s eStore at

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